Duck & Goose

“That egg is mine! I saw it first,” says Goose. “I touched it first. It’s mine,” declares Duck. Like James Marshall’s George and Martha, and Rosemary Wells’s Benjamin and Tulip, Duck and Goose have to work at getting along. You see, Duck doesn’t much care for Goose at first–and Goose isn’t fond of Duck–but both want the egg that each claims to be his. As the two tend to their egg, and make plans for the future, they come to appreciate one another’s strengths. And when a bluebird points out that it isn’t really an egg–it’s a polka dot ball–the two are not dismayed. After all, it is a lovely ball. . . .Filled with humor that young children will appreciate–and recognize!–and starring two unforgettable characters, Duck & Goose has all the ingredients of a classic-in-the-making.


Starred Review, Publishers Weekly, December 12, 2005:
"Hills' feathered heroes enact a dialogue familiar to anyone who has negotiated with siblings or playground rivals."

Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews, December 15, 2005:
"Every artistic decision underscores the humor with deft mastery ... Readers will hope to see more of this adorable couple."

Review, Parents Magazine, March 2009:
“The title characters have a big fight over a giant egg. When it turns out to be a ball, they learn to play with it together.”


WINNER 2007 - Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award
WINNER 2007 - Texas 2x2 Reading List
WINNER 2007 - ALA Notable Children's Book
WINNER 2006 - Kirkus Reviews Editor Choice Award
WINNER 2006 - Nick Jr. Family Magazine Best Book of the Year
WINNER 2007 - Virginia Young Readers Program Award
WINNER 2006 - New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing
WINNER 2007 - IRA--CBC Children's Choice
HONOR 2007 - Irma Simonton Black Award
WINNER 2006 - New York Times Bestseller
WINNER 2006 - Chicago Public Library's Best of the Best books
WINNER 2007 - Cardozo Award for Children's Literature (a Library of Virginia Literary Award)
WINNER 2006 - Time Magazine Best Children's Books of the Year